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  • I’m a professional bridesmaid, and thing people ask me the most is: “How much money should I gift at a wedding?”
  • The average wedding gift is usually $100, but you could go higher or lower depending on a few things.
  • Cost of attendance, your budget, relationship to the couple, and whether or not you brought a plus one all matter.
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I’m a professional bridesmaid, and so I’m asked all sorts of questions about weddings. Surprisingly, the one thing that I seem to get asked about the most is on the topic of giving money as a wedding gift.

Why is this question so popular, and yet still a bit taboo? Perhaps because the answer is more complicated than it might seem. 

Several studies suggest that the average cost of a wedding gift in the US is around $100. What that number doesn’t factor in is a person’s financial situation, costs associated with going to the wedding already, and other essential things to consider before writing a check.

If you’ve noticed that your 2022 calendar is filling up with weddings and you’re nervous about figuring out how much to give each couple, here are five ways to determine how much money you should give them as a gift. 

1. Check your budget

If you already have a monthly budget laid out, look at how much cash you have available to put toward a gift. If your expenses are higher during a particular month or you’re going to multiple weddings, you might have less money in your “gift category” to spend. 

You don’t have to feel like you need to bend or break your budget in order to afford a wedding gift. Give what you can around your monthly spending and savings goals.

2. Factor in the cost of you attending the wedding

While it might be easy to forget, your presence at someone’s wedding is also a gift. If the wedding requires travel and accommodations, factor those expenses into the amount of cash you decide to give for your wedding gift. 

As a personal rule, if the wedding requires minimal travel like a car ride or one night in a hotel, I usually take 15% off the amount I’d normally give. If it requires a flight and multiple-night hotel stays, I take 30% off the amount I’d normally give.

3. Give more if you have a plus one

One instance where you might want to give more than you usually would is if …….



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