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January 10, 2023 by No Comments


“Three things that helped: 1) Think about what percentage of your monthly income goes for rent and bills. Divide the rest by 30 so you know roughly how much your daily spending should be. When (not if) you go over that limit, you can balance things by spending the next one to three days less so you get back on track. You’ll be surprised how much this helps in the long run.”

2) Don’t try to save money. Instead, take a notepad and divide one page into three columns based on importance. First is mandatory (rent, bills), second is preferred (things that you want to have in your life), third is optional (as an example: think of the subscriptions you don’t use but still pay for because you ‘might need them at some point.’ Netflix was a good one for me.) 

3) After you’ve done that, ask two of your friends to make a similar list based on their spending habits and needs (even better if you guys have roughly the same income). Compare the lists and discuss them. This helped me realize several things about my spending habits and helped me clear some of my unnecessary spending.”




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