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January 5, 2023 by No Comments

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Akiko Fujita and Rachelle Akuffo take a look ahead at personal finances in 2023.

Video Transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: Now let’s get to your [? New ?] Year, New [? You ?] personal finance calendar for the beginning of 2023. There’s a lot of events you’ll need to be on the lookout for.

So let’s kick things off here with getting a sense of the overall health of the economy with this Friday’s jobs report. Then on January 12, we’re going to get the first major inflation reading of the year. And looking ahead, there is a Fed rate decision on February 1. After that, two big spending events on the horizon in February. You’ve got the Super Bowl on the 12th followed closely by Valentine’s Day on the 14th [? so ?] you don’t get caught [? out, ?] depending on how elaborate your Valentine’s Day plans are.

Finally, one of the two uncertainties– or two certainties, I should say, in life, and that is, of course, taxes. The key date you need to for that is April 18. That is when your individual return from 2022 comes due.

And, Rachelle, I would argue sort of like the first few events that we pointed to, obviously the health of the labor market as well as the inflation reading, something that you can imagine investors really paying a very close attention to because that does affect so much of what we’ve been talking about, which is interest rates. And as we’ve learned, whether it’s credit-card bills, your mortgage payments, you know, your car lease, I mean, so much of that is going to be tied to what we see the Fed do.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Absolutely. When you think about the domino effect– so, I mean, these events don’t just happen by themselves. They do have an effect on our everyday lives. If you’re having to pay a bit more on your car note, that’s a bit less that you’re going to have to budget for something else. It might be time to perhaps take a look at the multiple subscriptions that all of us have now we probably aren’t keeping track on. As you know, Netflix adds a dollar or two here or Prime adds another $20 here. It all definitely adds up.

And when you think of things like taxes, you know, that terrifying time when it really comes home to roost as to how you’ve really done over the past year, when you’re looking at things like your 401(k)– and you’ve seen it’s been …….



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