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For 18 years, Erika started a tradition in her family: giving something to each of the members at Christmas. However, his father commented that it seemed unfair and proposed a Christmas gift exchange so that the financial burden would not be so great.

Thus, the Christmas exchange has allowed them to have a night full of emotions, but always thinking about taking care of their money.

“It started with a symbolic amount, then the minimum amount was increased because in the end each person decides how much to spend on the gift; some put a little more on it ”, he tells in an interview for Business Insider Mexico.

“It doesn’t matter how much the gift is, because sometimes we don’t have enough money and you want to be more generous, keep the detail; When it has happened that I do not have much money, I buy a jar of chocolates with chocolate, I wrap about three and that is the gift that I offer each one ”.

Erika assures that the amount does not matter. “To show your affection, you don’t need money, you just need creativity,” he says.

Like Erika’s family, many choose to celebrate with a Christmas gift exchange. The most recent Christmas Study, carried out by Kantar, 17% of families commented that they would carry out a gift exchange, because it is a family tradition that they do not want to lose.

While 34% declared that giving gifts is another of the activities that are customary at this time and that they are going to do it to cheer up a bit in this pandemic.

If you want to incorporate the exchange tradition into your family, ask yourself: “How am I going to close the year?” and “how much can I really spend?”, explains Jesús Chávez Ugalde, director of Product and Service Analysis of the National Commission for the Defense and Protection of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

To find out, you need to create a budget. This should consider the debts you have and how to settle them so that they do not generate interest or take away monthly liquidity. It is not that everything goes away in this, because you also have the right to treat yourself, but improving your finances towards 2022 will help you.

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